6 weeks old on Monday!

Published October 2, 2014 by ivfdream

I prob won’t have much time as caring girl our little fluffy boy is full on but breathtakingly amazing. We loved him from the second he was lifted from me. He is kind and gentle and has an old, sensitive soul. He is settling into life with all the noises and lights and shocks life brings! I am so proud walking around town. Everyone who meets him loves him.
6 weeks waiting for this and 3 miscarriages with 4 IVFs. All worth every bit if badness and pain.
We love our precious fluffy boy. X


Baby boy is here!

Published August 30, 2014 by ivfdream

Our fabulous baby boy was born last Monday at 6 lbs 14 oz. I’m home after a c section and we are so in love!
6 years waiting for this!

Week 38 pregnancy update

Published August 18, 2014 by ivfdream

I guess there’s only a few more weeks of my ivf dream blog left. I hope this blog has been helping you. Giving you hope and info.

How far along? Week 38

Total weight gain: 31 pounds or 2 stone 3lb. Stayed the same this week.

Started at 143 lbs. Am now 174 and and am 2 lbs under max recommended weight range, which 18-26 lbs at 38 weeks.

Maternity clothes? Of course! My maternity tops are starting to get less long than they were! I’ve wearing the same tube skirt, leggings and one pair of jeans constantly! Enjoying strolling around house in t shirt and pants!

Stretch marks?

Loads still by not as much as last week. Slower and stronger.

Best moment this week: Workmen finished their work in house!

Got my toenails shellacked and bikini line done. Pain. Pain. Pain.

Miss anything? Long walks and runs. Baths. Glass of wine. More than one cup of coffee.

Belly button in or out? Stays in until baby pushes out and then it squirms out and goes back in…ew.

Wedding rings on or off: Off. Will keep them off now as not bringing valuables or even handbag into hospital. Safer at home.

Happy or moody most of the time: happy and shocked baby is going to be here soon.

Looking forward: final check ups with consultant this week. Mother coming to stay. Enjoying sitting in house before arrival!

Food cravings: No.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No.

Gender: not finding out. But we are both convinced it’s a boy!

Symptoms: Tiredness, movements, tightening of vagina, baby hiccuping and kicking a lot. Pressure on my bladder. Swollen fingers. Heartburn came back badly this week.

Labour signs: None.

Until, next week!

37 week update pregnancy!

Published August 10, 2014 by ivfdream

Let’s just stop here!
37 weeks pregnant! After 6 years of trying, 4 IVFs, 3 miscarriages and money, time, tears lost for this moment! Where has this pregnancy gone to? Too fast! And still, we don’t feel ready or prepared for the little one! I don’t think we will feel nit anxious until baby is in our arms.

How far along? Week 37

Total weight gain: 31 pounds or 2 stone 3lb. Gained 2lb this week. Have been major constipated this week. Forcing myself to drink the two liters but then peeing all night only to have a tiny bowel movement the next morning. 😦

Started at 143 lbs. Am now 174 and and am 2 lbs under max recommended weight range, which 18-26 lbs at 37 weeks. Have never been as weighty as this! It’s so not nice yet nice as I know baby needs the weight gain and hoping it will come off after. Through discipline!

Maternity clothes? Of course! My maternity tops are starting to get less long than they were!

Stretch marks?
No. Not yet. But, an old one seems to be reappearing on my left side. I was nearly 14 stone about 14 years ago! Had stretch marks from then so that’s an old one coming back faintly. No one else would see!

Loads still. Loads! Loads!

Best moment this week: Going to hospital for CTG scan to check contractions and baby heartbeat and movement. All was super and I wished I could have stayed there bad taken baby out and home! Made me feel real and ready!
Got my hair cut. Three inches off! It looks great!
Spending loads of time with DH. We did afternoon picnic in nearby wood. Breakfast bagels down by a mill stream. Lots of walks. Dinners. Tv boxers in our nearly completed sitting room. Blissful and relaxing. DH is doing everything. Making yum dinners and cleaning up afterwards. Have had lovely week.

Miss anything? Miss being able to get up from lying down or slumped position. That only happened last few days. It’s getting harder to get out of bed but with a few weeks to go, that’s understandable.
Miss my rings. See below.

Belly button in or out? Mostly in but a bit coming out but I’m in denial about that and not happy at all!

Wedding rings on or off: Off. The last few days everything seems to have happened! Went to toilet in night and couldn’t get ring off. Freaked out in case it got stuck so yanked it right off and it’s staying off now!

Happy or moody most of the time: mostly happy. House is starting to take shape. Predicting they’ll be gone by end of week!

Looking forward: Check up with consultant and GP this week. Visits with friends. Best friend coming to stay and a nice dinner out booked.

Food cravings: No.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No.

Gender: not finding out.

Symptoms: Tiredness, movements, tightening of vagina, baby hiccuping and kicking a lot. Stomach itchy. Pressure on my bladder. Swollen fingers.

Labour signs: Two instances of contractions in last week. Intense period pain like cramping with shoots of spin down both sides of pelvis but it goes quickly.

37 weeks and a visit to the hospital for CTG

Published August 8, 2014 by ivfdream

I went to my normal scan and check up with my consultant yesterday. My normal doctor is on holidays so there was a fill in one! He was lovely and very thorough. He said the baby was measuring at 6lb 1oz, which is perfectly average for 37 weeks and has been average all the way. The belly, however, was measuring 3 days behind! He knew my history and the fact I was a high-risk pregnancy and knows how precious this little baby is to us. Not that every baby isn’t precious but you know what I mean. 6 years, 4 IVFS and 3 miscarriages and no one wants to risk anything!


So, he sent me up to the hospital, which is only up the road for a CTG. The hospital was very quiet so I was hooked up straight away to the monitor which checks contractions and baby heart beat. Nice, lemon bands were put around my belly and I was given my own pair to bring back to the hospital, should I need to.

I lay there for 30 minutes on my back and then on my side. The Doctor from the clinic had came on up to see me, which was nice and he checked everything was good, which it was! I actually fell asleep during the whole thing! I was so ready to stay and have the baby come out! I felt a bit sad and nervous leaving. But, the whole event has made me very excited and fully ready for this to happen! Bring it on!

37 weeks today! Feeling great, slightly tired but the workmen are laying the floors down today so lots of drilling. We estimate they won’t be out till next week.

Either way, we have everything for the baby. I got my snack basket ready as my friend told me that the hospital gives you either cornflakes or toast for breakfast! Ew! I hate cornflakes and that bleached bread. I would expect an egg or a yoghurt or some nice, wholegrain bread in a hospital but no! I’m quite surprised, I wonder is this normal. It wouldn’t take much for them to “health up” the menu. Can you imagine 3-5 days of this breakfast? I would feel constipated and bloated. So, my DH said he will bring me in smoothies with chia seeds added and I also have my crackers and oat cakes in my snack basket.

So, that is that. Not long now. What have been your experiences in hospital in terms of food?


35 week update

Published July 29, 2014 by ivfdream

Workmen still here but hopefully gone by this week!

How far along? Week 35

Total weight gain: 29 pounds or 2 stone 1 lb. Put on 2 pound this week.

Started at 143 lbs. Am now 172 and and am 2 lbs under max recommended weight range, which 18-26 lbs at 34 weeks. Gone over the 2 stone mark which is scary but normal, I know!

Maternity clothes? Of course!

Stretch marks?
No. Not yet.

Loads still.

Best moment this week: DH put cot, buggy, nappy changer and and bouncer together. He did really well. The nursery is neArly finished. Just another coat of paint on skirting boards and then baby can arrive!

Miss anything? Miss feeling not tired. I feel it’s all I say though it’s improved since the heat has gone a bit.

Belly button in or out? In. Am willing it to stay!

Wedding rings on or off: On. No bloating of feet or swollen ankles yet! Rings felt a bit tired this week due to great but that’s gone now.

Happy or moody most of the time: A bit down this week. Overwhelmed. Tired and emotional, you know the usual!

Looking forward: The workmen finishing. I think a week now!

Food cravings: No.

Anything making you queasy or sick?felt a bit sick this week. Is it that heat?!

Gender: not finding out.

Symptoms: Tiredness, movements, tightening of vagina. Leg cramps are subtle at night and hands back to numbing up during the night again.

Labour signs: no, though I’m looking and waiting now.

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