2 blastocysts transferred with best quality so far!

Published December 11, 2013 by ivfdream

We met with the Doctor, she told us that out of 11, 2 are T blastocyst stage, at B2 and B4 when she spoke to us. This is the best we have put in! The others are only at morula or stage 4, the stage before blastocyst so there might be some for freezing though they didn’t seem to be very confident.
I was taken down, changed into a very attractive blue tunic and was led into the surgical area. The nurse and doctor asked me to sit down first and then out my leg in those awful stirrups. She then showed me the petridish where the embryos were and checked my details were correct. I then lay back and was down to get comfortable and relax! They always say this. Easier said than done. The metal speculum they insert I to your vagina is not pleasant, slightly painful when it goes in and remains slightly painful and awkward. On pain scale, about 5/10. Doctor then left it there and went to show me the embryos on the screen. They looked big! She was happy as since she last reported and since they checked last in the morning, they had grown even further up another level on the blastocysts journey! They did look bigger than the ones we had put in before but we could be deceived!
The embryos were put in with a very fine plastic implement, which I did not feel whatsoever. It took about five seconds and then the speculum was taken out, which doesn’t feel painful and is quite a relief to get it out. I was asked to lie with knees bent and up for half and hour. I was dying to use the toilet but wasn’t allowed to move. After half an hour was up, I was given a letter of when to test, what injections to give etc and the results of the transfer.
Would you believe they want me to test on Christmas Day? That is exactly 14 days before but I think I will test before, actually I will definitely test before!
The doctor also checked my swelling and said it might be a once off, bad luck. I’m to apply ice. It didn’t seem like a big deal to them. It looks awful, protruding out over my jeans..
We are waiting for the taxi now. Am going to rest in hotel room all evening and tomorrow we fly home! Bon voyage! Wish. Y embryos luck. Wonder what they are doing. The obsessive internet trawling begins!


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