5 w6 dp waiting for nurse beta#2

Published January 2, 2014 by ivfdream

I had the worst day ever yesterday. I was spotting all day brown discharge and a small, black clot thing came out. TMI!
My Dr had told me to use cyclogest rectally as vaginal ubserts can irritate the insides. So, I started last night. I didn’t like it but it was surprisingly easy! I woke this morning to nothing in my sanitary towel and tiny dots of brown when I wiped.
I had an awful sleep. I felt nauseous all through night and even dreamt of vomiting!
When I got up, I felt quite sick. I hope it’s pregnancy and me making myself sick.
I’m waiting for nurse now. I should get results this evening. It’ll be a long wait. I have a good feeling today, now but my feelings change wildly and constantly.
Wish me luck!


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