6w3dp and I promised I’d update after a massive Eddie Rockett’s burger!

Published January 6, 2014 by ivfdream

We have this awful tradition that everytime we get bad news or a miscarriage( 3 times for us đŸ˜¦ ) that we go to Eddie Rockett’s Diner and stuff our faces and then cry and then rub our bellies!

So, when I gave my DH the great doubling news today, he suggested we should start a new association with Eddie Rockett’s and go to celebrate there this evening! Great idea!

I had been watching the clock after 4:30. The last two occasions that the nurse had called had been after 4:30 and was hoping it would be around the same otherwise it might be my GP that called.

I did not want to hear from my GP. She is brilliant but I reckoned if she called then the news was seriously bad.

Of c ourse, her name came up at about 4:45, I have her direct line saved. I was tempted not to pick it up. When I did, she tried to make small talk for a minute so I just asked her if it was good or bad news. She told me it was great news and that my hcg had gone up to 66689 or something. I remember there was 3 six digits and afterwards DH pointed out the symbolism of the 3 “6” put together!

Anyway, my GP seemed happy and said she thinks thing are going good but she might check them again on Thursday. My scan is on Wednesday so I told her I would let her know the outcome.

Both me and DH are delighted but shocked, we feel a bit numb as we expect bad news but then get good but still feel anxious. It’s impossible to relax.

Onto our dinner in Eddie Rockett’s. For those of you who are not Irish or have not heard of Eddie’s, it is basically an Irish, American diner with Irish twists like garlic-mayo cheese fries, which are my downfall. I ordered them and my favourite burger, the M50. The m50 is beef patty, sweet and caramelised onions, mushrooms and a secret sauce all in a sesame seed, soft bun! I finished it off easily but struggled with the fries, which is not like me. My belly has had a slight sticky-out bit since last week but after eating the burger and fries, it is officially bulging slightly over my jeans and I feel soooo stuffed. But happy. For now! One nice sleep tonight!

Tomorrow, back to my normal healthy eating, made some nice tomato soup for lunch and having beef one pot barley for dinner and my fresh fruit smoothie for snack.


Thanks for all of your comments, it is very reassuring to hear from your experience what is happening to me. Thank you. The internet can be a great place.



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