Published January 22, 2014 by ivfdream

Today was one of those rushy days! Rushing about but I managed to get a walk in down town after work. I am feeling utterly wrecked and tired. I went to bed when I got home for an hour but would have happily have slept for the night until the next morning! We are going out tonight to see a play. Energy levels don’t feel up to it but am trying to keep busy as I promised myself I would.
I had a snotty light brown mucous discharge today, about the size of my nail so tiny really! How odd. My body is disgusting! Still feeling nausea today but it really isn’t as bad as it used to be, which I could worry about but then I remember to keep myself busy!
My breast are getting too big now. I can’t wear one of my old sports bra and my new, expensive ones are feeling snug. I put on a top today that I hadn’t worn for ages. I remember a book telling me to wear some of the tighter clothes that you love as in the next few weeks, you won’t be able to.
I have a function on over the weekend, a glitzy and formal dinner dance type and I will have to wear a dress but I have loads! Problem is my belly is protruding a bit. I’m sure no one will notice but I will. I also feel bloated and my breasts feel to big and bouncy. I’ll try on some dressed tomorrow and I will see. If not, I’ll but something before then but it seems like an awful waste of money!
Anyway, better go get ready.


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