29w6d pregnant and lots of advice

Published June 19, 2014 by ivfdream

I’m nearly at 30! Wahoo! Tomorrow!
But I am getting mildly annoyed with the touching of the belly. Even men are doing it now. People ask if they can touch sometimes and other times not. I’m never prepared to say no but it’s kinda funny as they touch my belly and seem to think they will get some of the magic! They get a mystical look on their face.
Other things I’m tired of are:
People I meet all say: you look great, how are you feeling? How long now? Enjoy your free time now. Etc
Big and constant advice from mothers to be are along the lines of convincing me I will have the baby sleeping in the bed with me and that I will have no other choice.
Anyway. Small issues but it’s funny the way people think they can force their opinions down throat but maybe they are right!
But, yay I’m 30 weeks tomorrow!


2 comments on “29w6d pregnant and lots of advice

  • It’s funny how people can be with all the helpful “advice”. I just don’t do that, maybe it’s because of what I’ve been through. Anyway, you’re getting so close! Keep on trucking along!
    PS- my daughter has never slept in my bed, so that doesn’t need to happen. 😉

  • Thanks very much! Reassuring to hear this. I am trying to be true to what I believe in. I don’t want kids in the bed. But the women were laughing knowingly, thinking I will just give in. I a a strong person and this only makes me more determined not to give in! Yes, I think you’re right, after struggles we have had, it makes me less inclined to give advice. I always feel like the women who got pregnant very easily don’t understand or can’t relate. Another lady was telling me it could be twins. I told her that it wasn’t. She kept saying “oh, you never know” I felt like telling her that I had two embryos put in and one survived. That would have shut her up!

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