11w6d scan and nearly at that magic number of 12!

Published February 13, 2014 by ivfdream

Last night, I was so tired. I lay on the couch and watched a not so good film, with a hot water bottle, blanket and DH. I told him I could have happily stayed on he couch forever. I’d sleep there. Eat there. Watch Tv. Read. Going to the toilet might be a small issue.
So, I was tired and headachey and generally feeling ick.
Today, was better. I had a disrupted sleep. I haven’t slept through the night since I became pregnant. I know all you mothers out there are sniggering at my innocence and that I will know all about it soon! I don’t feel moody about it. But, I keep going to the toilet at least once during the night and having crazy dreams.
My DH had taken the day off to come to the scan with me. I had drank half a litre of water beforehand to help the nurse with the scan. She was quick and got be lubed up and pressed the scanning wand on my belly. The baby appeared and she knew straight away the little one was fine, before us! She turned on the heartbeat speaker. It was pumping away! How lovely for DH to hear. Then, Little One kept moving up and down for us and almost waving his/her little hand! I think me and DH could have watched it all day. The nurse was great and let us have a good look. Then, it was urine tube filling time. A quick blood pressure and my tests from the week before were back and it’s official, I rock and am pretty much perfect. For the moment, anyway!
We headed away, pretty chuffed with a big file from our maternity hospital. We need to bring this to every single appointment and it goes right up to labour and post labour. Eek!
I’m freaking about the labour and birth thing already, it’s not the pain I’m afraid of though nobody wants that. It’s the lack of control and the trauma that we have already been through that is stressing me. If anything traumatic or bad happens, then we don’t need more scarring or horrible things to think about. I hate the thought of labour, always have. Some women blossom at the thought and say it was an amazing experience but no, not me.
Anyway, twelve weeks tomorrow. I can’t believe it. Thought, the scan today showed a without doubt real baby shape!


5 comments on “11w6d scan and nearly at that magic number of 12!

  • I am freaked out about labor also. So much so that I am considering not going to any birth classes. I know… But I figure, this baby has to come out, and I trust my Dr. 100%… I don’t want to get all psyched out before hand. Ignorance is bliss & all that. I may change my mind. We’ll see.
    I’m sure we’ll survive! But it certainly is a scary thought!

  • Thanks. Its the control thing and not knowing what will happen that I don’t like. Don’t like idea if me making fool of myself screaming and shouting in labour either!

  • I agree! My fear with classes is that I will get totally locked into a birth plan and then that won’t work out for me, then I get all frazzled & lose my shit. Haha. I know myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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